Users' Guide

Members of Science Library

Members of other faculties

General visitors or Alumni

Browsing and Borrowing


You can freely access and use the facilities within the library. Please return materials to the original position after use.


You need the University ID Card for borrowing. Please submit materials and your card to the counter.

Maximum number of materials:

Books: 3
Journals: 1

Term of Borrowing:

Books: 2 weeks
Journals: 1 day
(Current Issue is not allowed for borrowing during 1 month)


Please bring materials to the counter.
After the library is closed, you can return them to the book post by the entrance.
If materials you have borrowed are damaged or lost, you are requested to inform the counter about it.


If you want to reserve materials that are out on loan, you can make reservation via Univ. of Tokyo OPAC
Reservation service. And you can also apply for it at the counter.
You will be notified of the material's arrival by e-mail or telephone.


Books you have borrowed can be renewed if they are not reserved by another user.
Please submit books and your card to the counter and you can borrow them for another 2 weeks.