Guide for the University Members of Other Faculties and Departments

Entrance Procedure

You can enter without any procedure.
However, you will be requested to sign in the entry record for the utilization statistics.


You can access freely and use the facilities within the Library.


The University ID Card is required to borrow.
Max 3book for 2 weeks

Materials not for Loan: Journals, Master's Theses, Doctoral Dissertations,
Restricted Books, Materials in Laboratories

Campus loan service

You can apply for the service to your home library.


Photocopiers can only be used at public expense.
You can copy by yourself according to the Copyright Law.

under the System for Photocopying
Intra-University Materials at research's Expense: @20en

To Members of Graduate school of Mathematical Sciences:
When you want to copy at expense of your laboratory, please ask the counter.